eBird Participation in 2012

Citizen Science Aides Avian Research

About the Map

What is eBird? In 2002, The Cornell Lab or Ornithology and National Audubon Society launched the eBird project – a real-time, online checklist to collect bird observations voluntarily submitted by the public. In it's first decade, eBird has revolutionized the way that the ornithological community reports and accesses information about birds.
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What are the green dots? This map reveals each one of the 1.5 million bird lists submitted by bird-watchers across the contiguous United States in 2012. Each green dot below represents one list of bird sigtings submitted by a bird-watcher for a particular location and date. As the dots become denser, the color becomes brighter, so areas with the most lists submitted appear the brightest.

What are the stories? Bird watchers can submit comments with each list. These comments offer a glimpse into the stories behind the lists — the real people who volunteered their time to take a walk outside, experience nature, and share that experience with others for the sake of science. Click the "Show/Hide Stories" button (top right) to explore a few of those stories that I've chosen for this map.

Map designed by M. Taylor Long.
List data downloaded with permission from eBird and mapped with esri ArcGIS for Desktop.
Tiles designed with TileMill and hosted by MapBox with street data from Open Street Map.